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All cleanses are $55/day and contain 12 8oz bottles of cold-pressed juice per day.

Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and enzymes, cleansing can help kickstart a healthy diet, boost mental clarity, regain energy, and detoxify the body. Whether you’re looking to reset or simply boost nutrient intake, a juice cleanse is a great place to begin.

*Please allow 48 hours notice for cleanses

The Hippocrates Cleanse

The Hippocrates Cleanse is our “beginners” cleanse, featuring a variety of citrus, root, and green juices plus cashew mylk. If you’ve never done a juice cleanse before, this one is for you. Regulars love this cleanse as well!

The Alchemist Cleanse

The Alchemist Cleanse is our standard, most popular cleanse with a larger proportion of green juice. If you’ve cleansed before and prefer more greens, choose this cleanse option.

Create Your Own

Design your own 12-juice cleanse based on your personal health and wellness goals.

"Leave your drugs in the chemist’s pot if you can cure the patient with food." - Hippocrates